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Hand sculpted Frida Kahlo inspired tumbler. Measures 3.75" tall. 


In the latest years of Frida's life she painted lots of small scale still life paints. Her prior still life artistic creations of the 1930s and 1940s were filled with sutble or obvious sexual overtones. By the 1950s, when this still life was painted, they had ended up all the more "once again to nature" and some even convey a political message." At that period of her life, Frida depended intensely on prescribed drugs to reduce her physical pain. Often she takes drugs with alcohol, which started to influence her capacity to paint with the accuracy and point of interest for which she was known. She is paintings much smaller paintings with less number of objects like fruits. If you compare level of precision and accuracy in this painting to one done prior in the year (Still Life with Parrot and Flag) you can see a perceptible contrast. On the off chance that you further contrast this painting with one painted in 1954 (Still Life with Flag) the distinctions are significantly more obvious. In Weeping Coconuts, the coconut is given some personality like human being and is sobbing. Presumably symbolizing her passionate state at the time, or, possibly an impression of her pity over the loss of her capacity to paint in the exact way for which she was well known.

Weeping Coconuts

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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